Kids Art

Collage by 6 year old

    Here are some of the art projects that my students, ages 5 -12, have done. I generally teach by example and so I do all the projects along with the students. This way they can see how I do things and ask any questions that they may have about how to do it. We have used tempera, water colors, papier mache, pastels, colored pencils, charcoal, clay and collage. Some of the subjects we've explored are self portraits, still life, landscape, decorative arts, sculpture, copying the masters and a lot of animals. I am so proud of the beautiful things the kids have made!    
Hydrangea by 6 year old
Watercolor by 6 year old

Cow Painting and Charcoal by 10 year old

Charcoal - Chickens

Dog Painting by 11 year old

                                                     Previous Years           

Acrylic - Dog
Papier Mache - Bird
Pastel - Fruits
Water Color - Boats
Tempera - Rainbow Fish
Gouache - Lion
Abstract Print
Acrylic - Fish
Collage - Snowman
Acrylic - Self-Portrait

Gouache - Matisse

Water Color - Alligator
Water Color and Crayon - Rooster
Strips of Colored Pencil - Hyena
Collage - Penquin

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Amy Houts said...

I love it! So creative. ~ Amy

Lisa said...

Thanks Amy! we had a really good time!

angelique said...

You've got some kids there...

KatsKramazingBlog said...

Everyone seems so talented. I love the cat notebook.