Art Lessons for Kids!

Dog Painting by 11 year old
Coop Studios in Rosendale, NY is the art studio of professional children's book illustrator Lisa Thiesing.  The studio is once again open for lessons for kids 5 - 16!

The majority of my lessons are private so it's easy to give a lot of personal attention to each child and try to incorporate each one's particular interests, talents and age.  Where we start depends on the student's previous experience. Sometimes we start with the basics, such as shapes and colors. Sometimes we can jump right into painting. Students explore a variety of exercises, techniques and materials based on traditional drawing and painting to gain skills and to stimulate the imagination. Art projects are geared to the child's age level and ability. 

We do a lot of animal paintings and drawings using watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel, pencils and collage, often using photographs for reference. We also do self-portraits, landscapes and works of imagination.

Matisse Painting by 6 year old
The kids enjoy copying "the Masters" - children's book illustrators as well as more traditional painters - and learn about those artists' techniques. I have found it to be a great way to improve drawing skills.

It can be frustrating when something you are trying to draw comes out terribly.  So I have come up with projects and techniques that will enable each child to create something that is "successful".  Feeling good about what you have made can really boost one's self-confidence! 

Please have a look at Kids Art section to get an idea of what we do.

Mon - Fri: 4 - 5, 4:30 - 5:30 or 5 - 6
Pick an hour that works best for you.

My idea is to have a 1 hour "after-school" activity.

The fee is $25 for an hour lesson and that includes art supplies.
There is no registration fee.

Contact! to make arrangements and for studio location.

Lisa Thiesing is an award-winning author/illustrator and has about 40 published children's books.  She has also been a Montessori preschool teacher.



Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Congratulations on your new blog, Lisa! It's beautiful! I like the cheery chicken theme :) The classes sound wonderful. I wish I was a child and lived a little closer - I'd come and see if you could teach me how to draw :)

Lisa said...

Congratulations on posting my very first comment!!! Thanks Susanna!

iza said...

Congratulations on your new venture, Lisa! You will be wonderful at this Much luck with it all!

Katherine said...

This looks amazing!!! Such computer skillz! The classes are such a good idea. Would you teach someone older? I bet you could get a lot of people!!!!!!!

robin said...

Joining in from the UK...... I agree with Susanna. The site is great. I know the kids will love the classes. Maybe one day you'll open a branch in London.

Kim and Kat's Kramazing Blog said...

I LOVE the chickens too!